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The County Clerk's Office is dedicated to alerting its citizenry as to new legislation affecting the responsibilities of our office, as well as keeping the public apprised of new events and programs offered by the Clerk. This area serves as a depository for some of our older articles, notices, and programs. If you're looking for a particular news item that is not found here, but that you think our office may be able to assist you with, please Contact Us.


Past Articles

Military and Overseas Voter Alert!

In 2008, legislation was passed, expanding the methods of ballot transmission ...

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Deed Scam Alert!

County Clerk warns residents to beware of organizations offering to sell property owners a certified copy of their deed.

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2006 Tax Fee Changes

Please be advised that State Assembly Bill No. 4701 recently was signed into law, imposing a 1% fee, or 1% tax, on certain purchasers of certain commercial property in excess of $1 million.

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