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E-Recording Level II Service

The Office of County Clerk has been responsible for maintaining a record of real property transfers in the county since 1794. Over the years, the types of records have evolved, as has the method for recording these documents. Today, with the use of imaging technology and a modern electronic land records management system, the Sussex County Clerk's office is able to offer its customers Level II e-Recording.

All that is needed to get started is a computer, Internet connection, and a scanner.


What are the benefits of e-recording?

E-recording will improve the recording process from the point of origin (title company, bank, attorney office, etc.) to the County Clerk's Office. It will improve work flow, increase productivity, speed up the recording process, and reduce rejections (specifically, rejections due to incorrect fees, missing party names or signatures, missing tax lot & block information, missing marginal notations, etc. will be eliminated because the information is required prior to submission of the documents for recording).


What types of documents can be e-recorded?

Deeds* & Mortgages
Notices of Settlement
Tax Liens & Tax Sale Certificates
   *deeds are limited to those exempt from realty transfer fees
CLICK HERE for a complete list of document types acceptable for e-recording.


Are documents secure upon transfer?

All documents transmitted through the certified e-filing companies listed below are secure transactions and meet the standards outlined by the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA).


What is the cost to use the Level II e-Recording service?

Recording Fees
Standard recording fees and realty transfer taxes will apply as usual. (Fee schedules are available from our Recording Fees, Other Fees page.) Recording fees will be paid via ACH payment at the time of submission.

Submittal Fees
The Sussex County Clerk's Office has contracted with its Land Records Management System vendor (AMCAD) to facilitate an e-recording service for our customers. Customers wishing to record documents electronically with our office can do so through one of AMCAD's national certified electronic filing partners listed below. Submittal fees are collected by these e-recording partners and may vary from company to company. We encourage you to contact these companies to determine which company can best meet the needs of your organization.


How do I establish a recording account with my submitter?

Contact one of the submitters below for more information on how to establish an account with their organization.

eFiling Submitter

Contact Information

To sign up, click on Solutions drop-down, then Get Started link. Fill out and send the form. Simplifile representative should be in touch with you within 1 business day. You may also contact Simplifile directly by email or call 800.460.5657.

eRX (ACS) 
To sign up, fill out and submit the form directly on the website Home page. You may also contact eRX directly by email ( or call 214-887-7461.

Corporation Service Company 
To sign up, click on the link, then fill out and submit the form on this page to request to be contacted by a Document Recording Specialist. You may also contact Corporation Service Company directly by email or call (866) 652-0111..