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Election Services

The right to vote is a key element of our democracy and an important civic responsibility. We live in a free country that affords us the privilege to voice our opinion at the polls to determine how and by whom we will be governed. Your vote counts.

Your vote might determine how much your local school district will spend during the school year or who will serve on the school board; if new municipal or county facilities will be built or if improvements are needed to existing facilities; or your vote may decide who your town's next mayor will be, your state's next governor, or your country's next president.

Learn about the issues.

Learn about your candidates.

Be sure to VOTE!

This site is designed to assist you with your voting responsibility — whether you're a citizen voting to effect change, elect leadership in your community, or are a candidate running to provide that leadership.

This site provides critical dates and deadlines that occur throughout the year, which pertain to elections and voting in Sussex County. You'll also find pertinent forms and links to election-related resources. Use the navigation menu at the right to find what you need.

My staff and I work diligently to ensure that the election process in Sussex County remains valid and secure. If you require additional information not found at this site, please feel free to Contact Us.