Candidate Petitions

Note to Faulkner Candidates:  The following information does not apply to you. Faulkner candidates should contact their municipal clerk for petitions and petition requirements.

The following candidate nominating petitions are available from the County Clerk’s Office:

  1. Primary petition for county offices (Freeholder, Clerk, Sheriff, Surrogate, and State Committee)
  2. Primary petition for municipal office (Council, Committee, Party County Committee)
  3. Independent nomination petition for county or municipal office (available in-person only)
  4. Independent nomination petition to elect a successor in a recall election (in-person)
  5. Member of School Board petition [where the School District holds its annual school election in November]. SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES TAKE NOTE! The petition filing deadline for the November election is the LAST MONDAY IN JULY, by 4 p.m. (effective Jan. 2014).

CANDIDATES TAKE NOTE: All above petitions were updated in January 2015 to reflect legislation passed in December 2014 regarding circulator affidavits on candidate petitions; DO NOT use old petitions. Persons considering candidacy should download one of the petitions above, or pick one up in person at the Clerk’s Office.

  1. As of December 2014, circulators of petitions are no longer required to sign as petitioner and thus are not required to be registered voters or residents of the election jurisdiction for which the candidate stands for office. However, circulators of school board, recall, and direct [independent] nomination petitions must attest that they are eligible to vote in the State of New Jersey; and circulators of partisan petitions for the Primary Election must attest that they are registered voters of the State of New Jersey and are affiliated with the political party of the candidate for whom the petition is being circulated.
  2. Per countywide policy, the use of “nicknames” on the official ballot is not permitted. Your circulated petition(s) should therefore show your full and proper (legal) name. If you go by another name or alias and think voters may not readily recognize your legal name as it will appear on the ballot, you may want to alert the voting public of your “full and proper name.”

How many signatures do I need on my petition?

party candidates
independent candidates

Any candidate who has filed a nominating petition shall file campaign reports with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission. These reports contain information concerning contributions and disbursements of that particular candidate’s campaign. Refer to Election Dates/Reports for pertinent election and campaign reporting dates. Commencing January 15, 2015 candidates are no longer required to file a copy of the ELEC reports with their county clerk.

Click here to view reports filed with ELEC NJ.