Sample Ballots

As 2016 candidate information is certified to [and/or by] the County Clerk, it will be posted below for public viewing. Once images of actual paper ballots are available, they are posted here in place of the candidate lists. The posted ballots are for information purposes only and CANNOT be voted.

2016 Mail-In Sample Ballots (scroll by town)


The information above is provided as a courtesy to the public. If you are a registered voter in the county, you also will receive an actual Sample Ballot in the mail approximately one week prior to Election Day, which shows you exactly what your electronic ballot will look like when you go to your polling place to vote. NOTE: Your mailed sample ballot CANNOT be voted; it is for previewing purposes only. If preferred, registered voters also may choose not to go to their polling place but to vote early by mail. In either case, the voter will be mailed a Sample Ballot.

If you do not already have the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, or if you have problems opening these files, please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader — it’s free and easy to use.