Veterans DD214 Filed
Veterans who wish to file a copy of their DD214 discharge papers with the Sussex County Clerk’s Office may do so with the knowledge that their record will be kept confidential, with copies of the record released only to the veteran him/herself or to a member of his/her immediate family. Once filed, the DD214 papers become a permanent record of the Clerk’s Office.

On a side note, upon filing discharge papers with the Clerk’s Office, veterans can opt to receive, at no cost, a card that identifies them as a veteran, entitling them to discounts on various products and services by participating businesses in the area.

What you must do to file your DD214
Veterans must come in person to the Clerk’s Office to file their DD214; the form cannot be mailed in or brought in by someone other than the veteran.

What you must bring
Original DD-214 (honorable discharge papers); and
Driver’s license or other form of photo ID

What it will cost
There is no fee for filing your discharge papers. You will receive your original papers back, as well as one certified copy at no charge. Additional certified copies can be provided for a fee of $6.00 each, payable in cash or check.