Veteran I.D. & Gold Star Family Cards

Veteran I.D. Card

Sussex County is grateful to the men and women who served and continue to serve our great nation through its armed forces. As a small token of our appreciation, we are pleased to be able to offer our local U.S. Veterans a courtesy Veteran ID Card.

The card affords participating businesses in the county an opportunity to say “thank you” to our military veterans by offering them a special discount on various goods and services.  The size of a standard credit card, the new ID provides proof of military status when you want it, fitting conveniently in your wallet and eliminating the need to carry around valuable discharge papers.

Obtaining your Veteran ID card is easy …

STEP 1:  Have your honorable discharge recorded in our office. Bring your separation papers from Active Duty (DD-214 or other official form e.g., WSAGO 53-55, NAVPERS 553 or NAVMC 790). We cannot record a photocopy, it must be the original or a certified copy. If you lost your original or it’s damaged, you can request a certified copy with a raised seal by contacting the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, MO (call 314-801-0800 or 866-272-6272; or for discharge records 62 yrs or older, go online to

STEP 2:  Present your driver’s license or other form of identification to prove your identity and your residence in the county; you must be a Sussex County resident to obtain a Veteran ID Card from the Sussex County Clerk.

STEP 3:  Have your photo taken. Your new Veteran ID card will be processed on the spot, ready to take with you in just a few minutes.

Gold Star Family I.D. Card

If you are a resident of Sussex County and had an immediate family member who died while serving in our Armed Forces, we are honored to be able to offer you a Gold Star Family I.D. Card. This card can be presented when identification is needed to receive discounts or other courtesies extended to military families, including

  • Free or reduced-price admission to New Jersey beaches.
  • Free admission to state parks and forests.
  • Free admission to the New Jersey State Museum.

To obtain your Gold Star Family I.D. Card, present any or all of the following documentation to our office: Certification from an organization formed for the support of parents of members of the armed forces who lost their lives while on active duty for the United States (e.g., American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.); proof that you are the service member’s parent, legal guardian or legal custodian, or child of the service member; the deceased service member’s federal DD Form 1300 (Report of Casualty), which identifies the member of the armed forces who died while on active duty; and documentation indicating your relationship to the service member.

Bring your driver license or other form of identification with you to prove your identity and your residence in the county; you must be a Sussex County resident to obtain a Gold Star Family I.D. Card from the Sussex County Clerk.

Documents are recorded and cards processed at our office Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 3:45 p.m.

A sincere “Thank You” to all of our veterans! Please know that your community appreciates your service.

Thank you also to the family members of our armed forces — your sacrifice is also recognized.

We encourage our local veterans or Gold Star Family members to call our office for more information about our veteran cards at 973-579-0900.