Tues., November 5th General Election (includes school board races) 


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If you plan to vote in this year’s General Election and you receive a Vote-By-Mail Ballot in the mail from your County Clerk’s Office, you should vote that ballot because once you’ve been issued a paper ballot you are no longer permitted to vote on the voting machines at your polling place.

On August 28, 2019, Governor Murphy signed into law a bill that amended the 2018 Vote By Mail law and mandates that County Clerk offices statewide send their voters a Vote By Mail Ballot for the upcoming Nov. 5, 2019 General Election and all future elections if the voter requested and received a Vote By Mail Ballot* in any election held in 2017 or 2018. (S4069/A5759 P.L. 2019 c 265).

*This includes paper ballots voted in person at your County Clerk’s Office.

Approximately 3,000 Sussex County voters are affected by this new law and have had their names placed on the “All Future Elections” list. If you are part of this group, you should have received a special notice from our office explaining the new law and how it affects you. The mailing included a form that allows you to “OPT OUT” of remaining on this automatic Vote By Mail list if you prefer to vote at your local polling place.

For those voters who were placed on the “All Future Elections” list but who no longer want to automatically receive ballots by mail for every future election, you may opt out at any time by submitting your request in writing to our office. (Keep in mind, however, that if a ballot was already mailed to you for the current election, your “opt out” request will become effective for the next scheduled election; you should vote the mail-in ballot you received *.) For your convenience, COMPLETE & RETURN THIS FORM TO OPT-OUT if you no longer want to receive mail-in ballots for all future elections.  

* if you received a mail-in ballot, but decide you want to vote on the voting machine at your polling place, the poll worker cannot permit you to vote on the voting machine, but will issue you a paper provisional ballot instead.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!  If you have questions about the new law and how it might affect your voting options, call our Election Office at 973-579-0900, ext. 1507.


SPECIAL EXTENDED HOURS for in-person voting are available at the County Clerk’s Office in Newton on the Saturday immediately preceding Election Day of Primary and/or General Elections from 9 a.m. to noon. (83 Spring St., Suite 304; use parking lot behind building on Trinity Street)

Anyone can vote early by mail without having to state a reason for wanting to do so. Mail-in Ballots (also called “Absentee Ballots” or “Vote By Mail Ballots”) are available up to 45 days prior to Primary and General Election Days. We offer the following options to obtain a mail-in/absentee ballot:

In New Jersey, ALL accepted mail-in/absentee ballots are counted on Election Day.
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