Check your voter registration status in Sussex County.

2021 Elections: 

4/20/2021 Annual School Election
(If your district holds its annual school election the third Tuesday of April)

6/8/2021 Primary Elections

11/2/2021 General Election

Persons interested in running for public office in 2021, should visit our CANDIDATE INFORMATION page.

If you signed up with the NJ Division of Elections to track your voted ballot please note that your ballot status won’t be changed to “Accepted” or “Rejected” until after the certification of an Election. If there was an issue with the submission of your ballot, e.g, a signature discrepancy, you will be contacted in writing by the County Board of Elections before the certification date and you’ll have an opportunity to “cure” the issue.

NOTICE REGARDING IN-PERSON SERVICES AT THE CLERK’S OFFICE: If you do not receive a mail-in ballot or you need to request a replacement ballot for the upcoming November election and wish to do so in person, please note you will be required to wear a face covering/mask until further notice.

NOTICE REGARDING THE “ALL FUTURE ELECTION” MAILING LIST: Some voters have expressed concern that, because they are voting by mail under Executive Order, they will be placed on the list to automatically receive mail-in ballots in all future elections. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Voters who voted by mail under executive order in the July primaries and who will vote by mail-in ballot in the November General Election will NOT be put on this list and so have no need to opt off the list.

If you believe you are a registered voter of Sussex County but by mid-October you do not receive a mail-in/absentee ballot for the Nov. 3, 2020 Presidential Election, please contact our office so we can investigate your situation. If you are a qualified voter we will issue you a replacement ballot.

In New Jersey, ALL accepted mail-in/absentee ballots are counted on Election Day. Provisional Ballots are counted after the deadline for receiving mail-in/absentee ballots has passed.

If you require additional information not found at this site, please feel free to Contact Us.