Naturalization & Immigration

Current Records

For current naturalization and immigration records, please contact:

U.S. Department of Justice
Immigration & Naturalization Service
970 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: (800) 375-5283
Forms Only: (800) 870-3676*

*Call this number for Lost or Stolen Naturalizations; ask for form #N-565.

Older Records in Archive at the County
The Sussex County Clerk’s Office does not record and/or file current naturalization or immigration records. We do, however, have a record of older petitions for naturalizations available in our Records Room, dating from 1808 through 1987. If you are unable to visit our records room in person, you may provide a written request for the information you seek.

Requirements for a search of Petitions of Intent for Naturalizations

  • Name of person in question (all possible names and spellings)
  • Date of birth of people
  • Approximate date of naturalization, petition number if you have it
  • Address at time of naturalization

We do not carry naturalization certificates. All certificates are in Newark. If making a request by mail, be sure to include your name and return address where you want your documents mailed.

What it will cost
Copy of record is $2.00/page (average of 3 pages)
Certification of record (if required) is $10.00 for certification (plus $2.00/page)

NOTE: If you are mailing your request, it is recommended that you include a blank check made out to the Sussex County Clerk with a referenced “Not to exceed $xx” amount. The Clerk’s Office staff will then fill in the appropriate amount owed and provide a receipt together with your mailed document. Mail your request and payment to: Sussex County Clerk, 83 Spring St., Suite 304, Newton, NJ 07860.